Jintian Copper Strip Department

Jintian Copper Strip Company is Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group) Co., Ltd.'s copper plate and strip production and operation body. It was established in 2005. It has a production workshop of about 120,000 square meters and fixed assets of more than 1 billion tons. After 10 years of development and precipitation, the company has become an advanced copper plate and strip processing and manufacturing base in China, focusing on the research and development and production of various advanced copper plate and strip, ranking fifth in China's copper plate and strip enterprises. The company's products include various high-precision tin-phosphor bronze strips, copper strips, brass strips and zinc-copper strips, which comply with the requirements of the EU ROHS directive, mainly in the electronics, electrical, communications, network, mechanical hardware, construction and household appliances industries, and sell well in China All provinces and cities, exported to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, have established good cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises such as Bull Group, Midea Group, and Opple Lighting.

主营产品 精益求精

High Precision Brass Strip

The high precision brass strip produced by our company can be used in various shallow and deep-drawing processes, radiator shells, automobile fins, bullet shells, terminals, connectors, construction, daily decorations, clothing buttons, cosmetics box and other fields.

High Precision Copper Strip

The High Precision Copper Strips produced by our company can be divided into Oxygen Free Copper Strip, Electrolytic Tough-pitch Copper Strip, Phosphorous Deoxidize Copper Strip, and Insidious Frame Strip. Products are widely used in various electrical, chemical industry, radio frequency cables, terminal blocks, radiators, transformers, lead frames, connectors for electronic appliances, etc.

High Precision Tin Phosphor Bronze Strip

Copper alloy with Cu-Sn-P as the main alloying element is called tin-phosphor bronze strip. The tin phosphor bronze tape products produced by our company can be used in CPU sockets, mobile phone keys, car terminals, connectors, electronic connectors, electronic connectors, bellows, spring plates, harmonica friction plates, wear-resistant parts of instruments, and Antimagnetic parts, automotive parts, electrical parts of machinery

High Precision Zinc White Copper Strip

The high-precision zinc white copper strip produced by our company can be used in mobile phone shielding shells, electronic and electrical plug-ins, crystal oscillators, transistor caps, optical instruments, etched substrates, wind instruments, medical instruments, spring clips, esistors, car keys and other fields .
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