Free Cutting Brass Rod

The free-cutting brass products produced by our company are suitable for various structural parts made by hot punching and cutting, as well as automatic lathes and CNC lathes, such as hardware, electrical connectors, and connectors.

Free Cutting Brass Rod Certifications

Free Cutting Brass Rod Performance Advantages

  • Good cutting performance and mechanical properties
  • Can withstand hot and cold pressure processing
  • Good solderability
  • Good stability to general corrosion

Free Cutting Brass Rod Application fields

Air Conditioning Connection

Lock cylinder

Free Cutting Brass Rod Performance parameterdownload

Product name Grade chemical composition %,not greater than (except for the remaining amount and range value)
Cu Pb Fe Ni Sn Mn P Si AL Zn other Other total impurities Sum of impurities
Free cutting brass rod HPb57-4 56.0-58.0 3.5-4.5 0.5 0.5 margin 1.2
HPb58-3 57.0~60.0 2.0~3.5 0.5 margin 1.0
HPb59-1 57.0~60.0 0.8~1.9 0.5 margin 1.0
HPb59-2 57.0~60.0 1.5~2.5 0.5 0.5 margin 1.0
HPb60-2 58.0~61.0 1.5~2.5 margin 0.65
HPb60-3 58.0~61.0 2.5~2.5 margin 0.85
HPb61-1 58.0~62.0 0.6~1.2 margin 0.55
HPb58-2A 56.0~60.0 2.0~3.2 margin
HPb59-1B 57.0~60.0 1.0~2.2 0.6 margin
HPb58-2C 54.0~58.0 2.0~5.0
C3771 57.0~61.0 1.0~2.5 margin Fe+Sn1.0
C3601 59.0~63.0 1.8~3.7 0.3 margin Fe+Sn0.5
C3602 59.0~63.0 1.8~3.7 0.5 margin Fe+Sn1.0
C3603 57.0~61.0 1.8~3.7 0.35 margin Fe+Sn0.6
C3604 57.0~61.0 1.8~3.7 0.5 margin Fe+Sn1.0


Free Cutting Brass Rod Production Process

The conventional production process:

Raw material → Melting → Analysis in furnace → Horizontal continuous casting → Sawing → Profile inspection → Wire drawing → Annealing → Finishing → Product inspection → Finished product

Free Cutting Brass Rod Executive Standard

Product performance standards: ASTM B16-2015、EN 12164-2016、JIS H3250-2015、GB/T 26306-2010、Q/JTTY 01-2018

Free Cutting Brass Rod Production Equipments

Smelting workshop

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