Magnetic steel components

Ketian Magnet has accumulated rich experience in magnetic steel components, and can provide customers with value-added services such as the bonding and assembly of magnetic steel and magnetic steel, magnetic steel and other components. At present, the products are widely used in wind power generation, new energy vehicles, industrial motors and other fields, and are well received and trusted by customers.

Magnetic steel components Certifications

Magnetic steel components Performance Advantages

  • Good corrosion resistance

Magnetic steel components Application fields

Industrial Motor

New Energy Vehicle Drive Motor

Wind Power

Magnetic steel components Performance parameterdownload

Coating Type Color Thickness/um SST/h PCT/h Working Temp/℃ Performance features
Blue Zn Blue/White 5-10 ≥48 <160 Medium corrosion resistance performance
Color Zn Multiple colors 5-10 ≥72 <160 Medium corrosion resistance performance
NICUNI Silver white 10-30 ≥72 ≥96 <200 High corrosion resistance,thermal resistance and moisture resistance
PVD Aluminium Silver white 5-25 ≥96 ≥240 <390 High corrosion resistance and adhesiveness
Phosphate <250 Low cost,low corrosion resistance performance
Epoxy Black/Grey 10-30 ≥480 ≥96 <180 High corrosion resistance and insulation performance
Multi-layer coating ≥1000 ≥480 Excellent corrosion resistance performance


This performance might vary according to different dimension of product.

Multi-layer coating is a combination of different type of coatings, and its color,thickness and working temperature might varies from different combinations.

PCT test conditions: 121 celcius degrees, 100% humidity,2atms HAST test condition:132 celcius dergees, 95% humidity,2.7atms(mainly for evaluation of material weight loss)

HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) condition: 132 celcius degrees, 95% humidity,2.7atms(mainly for evaluation of material weight loss)

Magnetic steel components Production Process

The production process of NdFeB:

Ingredients → Quick setting → Hydrogen crushing → Jet mill → Forming → Sintering & aging → Inspection → Finish

Grain boundary diffusion → surface treatment → inspection → packaging → delivery

Magnetic steel components Executive Standard


Magnetic steel components Production Equipments

Automatic spraying coating line

Jet milling

Multiple wire cutting

Hydrogen decrepitation furnace

Continuous sintering stove

Strip casting furnace

AMT-4A magnetic property measurement equipment

EHS-222MD HAST (Japan)

HELOS-BFS LASER particle size measurement equipment (Germany)

HIRST-PFM12 pulse magnetic measurement equipment (UK)

PSL-2J High-Low temperature environment testing equpment (Japan)

SP3020 Automatic image measuring apparatus

UItima Expert Plasma Spectrometer (France)

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High grade magnet steel (SH / UH / EH / AH series)

Ketian Magnet's high-grade magnets have excellent high temperature characteristics and are in the leading position in the industry in terms of consistency and stability. There are a wide range of customer bases and application cases in the fields of automobiles, industrial motors, compressors, generators, etc.

Double high grade magnet steel (high remanence / high coercive force)

With the continuous strengthening of the protection of rare earth resources and the development of downstream applications, sintered NdFeB magnetic steel is facing new challenges. Ketian Magnet's Shuanggao grade magnetic steel adopts the latest grain boundary diffusion process and obtains the characteristics of double high remanence and coercivity with limited heavy rare earth input. Used in new energy vehicle drive motor (HEV / EV), inverter air conditioner compressor, various servo motors and other industries. While continuously developing high-end products, it also contributes to the protection of rare earth resources.

Low grade magnet steel (N series / M series / H series)

Ketian Magnet's low-grade series magnets have the characteristics of high stability and high consistency, combined with the advantages of large-scale and low-cost manufacturing, and provide cost-effective solutions for applications such as electronics, IT, and home appliances.
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