Jiekelong Seiko was rated as an excellent case enterprise for labeling and bright labeling of “Word Mark”

date:14/09/2021 | from:JINTIAN COPPER | views:60 |

Recently, in the selection of excellent cases of labeling and bright labeling of “brand word mark made in Zhejiang” organized by the Ningbo Municipal Market Supervision Administration, 6 companies including Jiekelong Precision Co., Ltd. were rated as excellent cases of “brand word mark” labeling and bright labeling. Enterprise, which won the third place in the video production module selection.

The organizing committee will work with the Zhejiang Brand Construction Federation to compile entries from outstanding case companies into a book, produce a CD-ROM, and distribute it to all “brand word mark” companies for reference and learning. This award has promoted the brand image and industry status of Jack Long Precision to a certain extent.