Ningbo Jintian Copper Rod Business Unit

Jintian Copper Rod Company is the main body of Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group) Co., Ltd. production and operation of copper rods. It was established in 1986 and has a production workshop of about 50,000 square meters and fixed assets of more than 55 million yuan. After more than 30 years of development and precipitation, the company has become the world's leading copper processing and manufacturing base and the largest copper rod production enterprise in China. , C3604, low-lead environmentally friendly copper, DZR corrosion-resistant brass and polished copper ingots and other products have won the honorary titles of "Zhejiang Famous Brand". The company's products comply with the German PED product certification standards and are widely used in industries such as valve locks, air-conditioning components, mechanical hardware and building plumbing. relationship.

主营产品 精益求精

Ordinary Brass Rod

Our company produces round, square, hexagonal and special-shaped brass rods and wires with specifications ranging from Φ2mm to 95mm, and products with different mechanical properties can be customized according to customer requirements. This product has good plastic toughness, suitable for all kinds of cold stamping and deep drawing parts, such as pins, rivets, washers, nuts, catheters, radiator parts, small hardware parts and so on.

Free Cutting Brass Rod

The free-cutting brass products produced by our company are suitable for various structural parts made by hot punching and cutting, as well as automatic lathes and CNC lathes, such as hardware, electrical connectors, and connectors.

Lead-free Environmental Protection Copper Rod

The lead-free environmental protection copper rods produced by our company include general brass series, bismuth lead-free series, silicon lead-free series, tin brass series, which can be used in plumbing hardware, water meters, various valves, pipe joints, water supply pipe fittings Water device. It is suitable for automatic lathes and CNC lathes to process a series of products with ecological environmental protection and sanitary safety requirements, such as parts for electronics, telecommunications, electrical connectors, connectors, hardware, photography, home appliances, drinking water engineering.

Lead-free Environmentally Friendly Copper Rod

The copper ingot products produced by our company are made by smelting and casting in a complicated process. After gravity casting, they have high-quality polished surfaces. They are widely used in high-end sanitary ware industry and handicraft industry.

Anti-dezincation Copper Rod

The anti-dezincification copper rods produced by our company can be applied to wading devices such as plumbing hardware, water meters, various valves, pipe faucets, water supply pipe fittings and so on. It is suitable for a series of products with ecological environmental protection and sanitary safety requirements; such as parts for household appliances and drinking water projects. Our company has rich production experience for anti-dezincification brass and can provide guidance for your production.

Tin Zinc Lead Bronze Rod

The tin-zinc-lead bronze produced by our company can be used in pipelines, valve fittings, seawater-resistant parts, manufacturing sleeves, bearing pads, piston clutches. Tin-zinc-lead bronze is also known as automobile bronze, suitable for gravity casting, numerical control Lathes are processed with pipe fittings, chemical machinery, and wear-resistant parts for the automotive, tractor, aviation, and machinery industries that require wear, corrosion, and elasticity.

Precision Extrusion Rod

The precision extruded rods produced by our company are round, square, hexagonal and special-shaped, and the specifications range from 2mm to 95mm. It has the characteristics of high straightness, high tolerance consistency, and high comprehensive mechanical performance. It can be applied to precision hardware accessories, special high-pressure valve bodies, valve stems, connectors, rail transit, etc. processed in multiple ways such as automatic lathes, hot punching, etc.

Shaped Lock Rod

The special-shaped lock body bar produced by our company has thousands of specifications such as flat square shape, drum shape, gourd shape, various hollow special shapes, etc., and can be customized production according to customer requirements. Because of its good cutting performance, it is widely used in padlocks, door locks, smart locks, etc.
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